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On July 10th and 11th, 2015, Roy Bennett Productions is presenting the 6th annual Salsa Festival on The Fillmore. In the past, this event drew thousands of visitors into the Fillmore Street Entertainment Corridor. This year, because of venue closures in the Fillmore due to gentrification, there will be just two bands at 0ne venues. The event is free to the public in order to give as many people a chance to come and experience part of the magic that was the Fillmore.

Salsa Festival on The Fillmore is held on two blocks of Fillmore Street between Eddy and Geary Streets in San Francisco, California. A collaboration between Roy Bennett Productions and the Fillmore Entertainment Corridor businesses, the Festival is an effort to improve the business environment on the Fillmore. With the closure of several key places in the area. People throughout the Bay Area have been deeply affected. Local businesses suffer from lack of patronage since many of the neighboring venues have closed and their usual customers have been forced to move out, leaving the Fillmore community disbursed and disenfranchised. Salsa Festival on The Fillmore brings much needed traffic and publicity to our area, as well as a way for people to interact with each other. New visitors patronize the shops and restaurants and return to the Fillmore after the Festival is over. For the former and current residents, the Festival gives us a sense of the community that has been lost, a sense of belonging that spurs collaborative thinking about ways to bring vitality back to The Fillmore.

The highlight of the Festival is the “free” concerts on the Fillmore Center Plaza. Starting at 6:30pm, the concerts were planned so that attendees could arrive in the area earlier and shop and dine at the many restaurants in the surrounding area.

Together, let’s make The Fillmore thrive once more!

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